This decision brought to the fore all the discussions on vaccination certificates and passports and all the discussions on its own right to the private sector.

For now, there is nothing stopping the private sector from doing so, says Vardit Ravitsky, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Montreal. Just as a store or restaurant refuses to serve someone who does not wear shoes, a private company can impose rules for vaccination.

Already, in some countries, companies need proof of vaccination. For example, visitors to Oracle Park, the stadium hosted by the San Francisco Giants, and City Field hosting the New York Mets must demonstrate digital evidence of the vaccine. Euro 2020 supporters should do the same to attend the tournament in Wembley.

On the other hand, the biochemist expects companies that need proof of vaccine to access their services to be called to defend their decision in court in the coming months.

The private sector will try this and then get angry and compete in court, citing a kind of discrimination or violation of the rights and freedoms charter, he warns. People will find reasons to sue and the court will have to decide.

However, these companies will have difficulty defending the legitimacy of their rules in law, which the biochemist values ​​because they do not have to impose them for the common good.

If the government accepts the passport or vaccination certificate, it is based on public health recommendations and it comes under public health laws, which is done for the common good, he recalled. But when a business does it, the context is very different.

They want to show that they are responsible and reassure their customers. This is for business benefit, not public interest.

An excerpt from:Vardit Ravitsky, University of Montreal

At Wembley Stadium, spectators at the Euro 2020 tournament must show evidence of a vaccine or a negative test for it.

Photo: Action by Reuters / John Sibley

In Canada, so far some private companies have followed suit, and Ravitsky believes it is very difficult for Canadians to accept such restrictions.

We are very sensitive on the issue of honesty, He said, adding that these companies face discrimination.

The government must play its part

Biochemist Vardit Ravitsky argues that these types of privately accepted certificates create a kind of discrimination and that governments must step in on the form and duration of these restrictions.

Blocking luxury activities such as going to a restaurant or going to an event is one thing, but restricting access to everyday activities such as going to the grocery store is another.

An excerpt from:Vardit Ravitsky, University of Montreal

It does not seem that America wants to go down this road at this time. US President Joe Biden has also announced that the government will not issue a vaccination certificate and that the decision is up to the private sector.

According to a survey by Arizona State University, two-thirds of companies say they need proof of vaccination from their workers. Already, Delta Airlines needs to vaccinate any new people.

But other countries, seeing the potential baldness, have chosen to provide a framework.

COVID certificate on cell phone, with Swiss flag.

In Switzerland, COVID certification is required to attend large meetings and to enter clubs in the Red Zone. In the orange zone, it is used if the infectious condition worsens. Certificate holders may use the certificate to limit access to bars, restaurants, events, sports and cultural gatherings, entertainment venues and entertainment venues.

Photo: Reuters / Denise Polybous

In Israel, shopping malls, libraries, museums, cafes and some places of worship are open to anyone who can show that they have received a dose. Gym, sports and cultural events, restaurants (with reservations) open to those with a double vaccination or recovery certificate.

In Italy, the government a Green certificate (Green Certificate) allows vaccinated persons to attend large gatherings and clubs such as weddings, concerts and festivals.

A poster asks people to prepare proof of their vaccination certificate or negative test.

At Petco Park Stadium in San Diego, zones have been established for those who have been vaccinated.

Photo: Reuters / MIKE BLAKE

Vardit Ravitsky believes that in the coming months, every business, country and province will have to live with the set of needs of the people as they will use the vaccination certificate in different ways.

Some need it to go to a restaurant, others to go to school, even to work. He recalled that each company and each jurisdiction would have different priorities and different perspectives. Some may want to impose it on businesses, but not on schools, while others may not want to impose it knowing that the vaccination rate is already very high in a region.

Therefore, he believes that the best way to avoid these confusions with passports and vaccination certificates is to get vaccinated.

If we are good citizens, if we stand together, we do not need these coercive measures.

An excerpt from:Vardit Ravitsky, University of Montreal

In addition, many companies offer financial incentives to encourage their employees to be vaccinated. Amazon bon 100 bonus for new vaccinators; American Airlines offers one day holiday and bon 50 bonus; Starbucks offers four hours of paid work to vaccinate.

In Canada, companies Offering discounts and freebies to customers Vaccine. For example, Alimel offers $ 50 For vaccinated staff and others Companies offer more than $ 250 Financially motivated.

Yes, to travel with a vaccinated passport

Although Ms. Ravitsky is not interested in issuing a vaccination certificate for daily activities, she believes a vaccination passport is required for travel.

We have to come to a consensus, for a certain consistency, otherwise the journey will be very difficult, She warns.

Most importantly, countries must come to an agreement to accept all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization, even if some countries do not recognize them.

Otherwise, many passengers will be taken badly.

She gives the example of her husband, originally from Ireland. He wanted to meet with his family, but he was told the AstraZeneca vaccine was not valid, he says. So there Pfizer is taken to shop for the vaccine.

Ms. Ravitsky says this kind of discrepancy complicates the situation of citizens who have not always chosen which vaccine is being offered. Canadians are told to take any vaccine because they are all good. Now other countries are denying them, Reduces the biochemist.

This contradictory news contributes to the reluctance of the people, he believes.

He fears that by having one vaccine needed to replace another, these passports will create a form of vaccine nationalism. We can already see this with some countries indicating which countries they do not like vaccines.

Thus, the Royal Society in the United Kingdom has put forward a dozen required criteria (New window) In order to accept the vaccine passport.

The company’s experts specifically propose that the scope of vaccine passports should be in proportion to the targeted public health purposes and that their use should be well defined.

It also proposes that the duration and purpose of the proceedings should be well established (e.g. amending the passport requirement after six months).

Adoption of an international standard is essential. Passport different vaccines should be taken into account and modified according to their different efficacy against growing variants.

Other criteria:

  • Compliance with legal and ethical standards;

  • Verifying the identity of the holder (avoid fraud) and protecting personal data;

  • The use of technology platforms that can operate around the world;

  • Allow the holder to understand and accept the Terms of Use;

  • A passport is easy to carry and not too expensive to obtain.

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