Mariloupe Wolf shared amazing photos of her trip to France with Maripier Morin and their complicity cannot be denied.

It is within the framework of Angouleme’s Francophone Film Festival, where the film Arlette It is given that director Mariloup Wolfe and actress Maripier Morin went to France.

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Yes, these two beauties seem to be living a dream as the movie is getting a positive response from the French people. The film is indeed a huge hit and the director has reason to be proud!

After visiting Angoulême for work, the two stars seem to be making beautiful memories and their complicity pierces the photos published by Mariloup.

In the photos below, you can see a packed house, and the joy in Mariloupe Wolf’s eyes is contagious!

The two actresses seem to be developing a genuine and wonderful friendship.

Note that Mariloupe Wolff will be coming to Quebec soon to direct her next movie Sarah Maud Beauchesne, A heart of mud.

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