June 8, 2023


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USA: FBI warns against charging phones in public places

The FBI is paying attention to hackers working at public phone charging stations

The FBI has issued a warning against charging cell phones at airports, hotels and malls. According to US services, this is an easy way to fall victim to a hacker attack.

Avoid using free charging stations at airports, hotels, and malls. Bad actors have figured out how to use public USB ports to inject malware and monitoring software onto devices. Carry your own charger and USB cable and use an electrical outlet,” the FBI tweeted.

FBI warning against hackers

The media reported it Hackers install malicious code that makes it possible to read and extract personal data, including passwords. Codes on charging stations can also Mobile device tracking.

According to the ABC portal, a similar warning can be found not only on social media, but also on the official website of the services.

Daily activities such as Opening an email attachment, clicking links sent in a text message, and making online purchases can expose you to cybercriminals.who want to damage or steal the system.

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The FBI also encourages users to Careful use of public Wi-Fi networks. In the opinion of the services, preventing online crime requires the awareness and vigilance of all users.


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