December 6, 2022


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The war in Ukraine.  The future of Nord Stream 1. Gazprom sets conditions

The war in Ukraine. The future of Nord Stream 1. Gazprom sets conditions

Russian Energy Corporation Gazprom It sets other conditions for the further operation of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. The company said on Saturday that it expects Germany’s Siemens to fully fulfill gas turbine service contracts, which, Gazprom confirmed, are necessary for the safe operation of the gas pipeline.

The Russians, despite the sanctions in force, have already succeeded in bringing To return a turbine serviced by Siemens in Canada to Gazprom. These types of turbines are used in gas pipeline compressor stations.

Siemens Energy, a spin-off of Siemens, has said it is actively seeking all necessary permits and clearing up the logistics of bringing the turbine, which has been serviced in Canada, back online as soon as possible.

There will be a problem with the gas and coal supply. Steinhof: The government’s assertions are baseless

In recent days, Gazprom has questioned the continued operation of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, Which supplies Germany with most of the Russian gas. The company explained this with doubts about the return of the turbine from Canada. He stated that he could not guarantee the safe operation of one of the critical elements of the gas pipeline.

Gazprom has significantly reduced the amount of gas sent to Germany in recent weeks. Since the beginning of this week, Nord Stream 1 does not transmit gas at all, because the installation undergoes an annual inspection. Germany suspects that Russia may not resume gas exportsIn order to increase pressure on Berlin to support Ukraine militarily and participate in Western sanctions against Moscow.

Seeing Russian supplies cut off has raised concerns in Germany and other European countries about gas shortages. Experts estimate that a sudden interruption of supplies to Germany would put the German economy into a recession.

However, Nord Stream 1 is not the only gas pipeline from Russia to Central and Eastern Europe. Deliveries through a gas pipeline running through Ukraine stabilized on Saturday, according to data from one of the metering stations.

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