March 25, 2023


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France raises the retirement age. Fights with the police in the streets of Paris

Riots broke out in the French capital. Explosions are heard in Paris and protesters clash with the police. People took to the streets after the authorities adopted a higher retirement age, using a special article in the constitution. It made it possible to skip voting in the lower house of Parliament. 73 people were arrested.

On Thursday evening, the French news agency AFP reported that the French police had begun removing protesters from outside Parliament. Protesters gathered after the premiership on Thursday Elizabeth Bourne I followed a special procedure for acceptance The retirement age law In France without a vote in the lower house of Parliament.

Videos of the protests went viral. Movies show that Clashes took place with the policeThe officers used tear gas, among other things. Barricades were also built in the streets of Paris. According to French media, 73 people have been arrested in Paris.

Videos posted online also show fireworks, likely used by protesters. The police responded with water cannons.

In Dijon, protesters burned effigies of President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Elizabeth Born.

In France, after weeks of heated debate and social protests, the government used art. 49.3 of the Constitution and the bill passed without a vote Raising the retirement age by two years to 64.

Before the vote in the Chamber of Deputies, President Macron told the Prime Minister that “the financial and economic risks (of the rejected bill) are very great,” so he supports the proposal to skip the vote.

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Macron and his government have made it clear that raising the retirement age is necessary for the system to recover from the crisis by the end of this decade.

Trade unions are calling for the protests to continue through the weekend. They are planning a protest next week.

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