June 8, 2023


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USA: A message about a dead girl hidden in the plane. He stayed there for about 10 years

The four-year-old died years ago. Her photo has been found on the plane only now

A flight attendant found a piece of paper with a picture of a child on a Frontier flight. It turns out there was a four-year-old girl who died in 2014. The note said the girl had “never been on a plane before,” so knowing she was “flying high in the clouds is really special.”

A flight attendant on a US Frontier airliner is found behind a mirror in the bathroom Handwritten note with a photo of a child.

Our little angel always wanted to fly – just like that Stealthy fly as long as possible“- read the crew members. A note and a photo were taken out They were hiding in the plane for nearly 10 years.

Grace’s grandparents wanted her to “fly in the clouds.”

The note mentioned the four-year-old British girl Grace Kelly He died of rare kidney cancer in November 2014. Six weeks later, in December, her grandparents were on a plane and came up with the idea to leave a handwritten note on it.

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They wrote that “find it out Granddaughter flying high in the clouds, it’s really special.”

I always knew Grace would move the clouds.

touched The crew called the family. She told them that, if she could, she would leave the note and photo where she found it.

The girl’s mother, Dr Gene Kelly, who set up The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust after her daughter’s death, told The Worcester News that “I always knew Grace would move mountains.” He is grateful for the information on this discovery.

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