King Charles III was full of cards!

Ottawa | King Charles III’s personal wealth, which was completely tax-free, was enough to cover the expenses of the monarchy in Canada for 45 years.

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Three billion dollars. That’s the jackpot on which the new king, who will be crowned in a week’s time, sits, according to the British newspaper’s calculations. Guardian.

Since there was no public register of royal assets, this calculation involved calling in a dozen experts daily to appraise the value of luxury cars, properties, works of art, jewels, horses, seals and other investments known to the king.

We learn that his personal fortune will allow him to cover the costs of the monarchy in Canada for 30 years, at a cost to taxpayers of $67 million a year, according to the calculation. Newspaper In 2021. The note specifically covers the expenses of the Governor-General, his lieutenants, ex-governors and royal visits.

“What is shocking is that he also digs into our pockets, scolding the Black Quebecois MP Rial Fortin. This confirms that Charles does not need 67 million dollars a year. If he wants representatives here, let him do any business, let him pay them. »

Opaque and tax free

An estimate of Guardian This is approximate because the British monarchy keeps its wealth jealously secret, although it is derived from the public role of the royal family.

“While we do not comment on private finances, your figures are a very creative mix of speculation, conjecture and fallacy,” a Crown spokesman known for his opacity told British media.

The monarch’s wealth, however, benefits largely from the British government: a privileged deal signed in 1993 between Queen Elizabeth II and the then Conservative government allows the royal family to escape inheritance tax.

This tax shelter is the royal family’s most valuable financial asset, underlines Guardian.

The King will travel the streets of London on May 6 for his coronation in a huge gold carriage weighing 4 tons and wearing a golden crown with precious stones weighing more than two kilograms.

There was no word from the government or Buckingham Palace on the coronation bill. However, we do know that Elizabeth II’s cost in 1953 was the equivalent of over 34 million Canadian dollars.

People’s support at half pole

As Britons face double-digit inflation, a majority (51%) believe the government should not shoulder the cost of the event, according to a YouGov poll published earlier this week. 18-24 year olds are the most disapproving, with 62% opposed to sponsoring the coronation.

In Canada, in October, Bloc Quebecois presented a motion in the House of Commons, proposing that federal MPs sever the ties between Canada and the British monarchy. But he was defeated by a margin of 266 votes to 44.

Yet support for the monarchy is waning at home. In September, majorities of Francophones (83%) and Anglophones (54%) believed the monarchy was “useless,” according to a national survey by the Léger Institute, unheard of.

“The polls are anti-monarchy. I find it hard to understand why my Liberal and Conservative colleagues maintain this slavish relationship with a foreign monarch. It’s disappointing,” laments MNA Fortin.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre introduced himself to Joe Biden as “leader of her majesty’s loyal opposition” during his visit in March, which did not fail to raise eyebrows for the US president.

Some numbers

$168 million


Photo Archives, QMI Agency

The estimated value of the monarch’s personal stamp collection is considered one of the most important in the world.



File photo, Getty Images

The estimated value of the King’s personal jewelery collection consists of 54 individual jewels, including a brooch set with two diamonds of 94.4 and 63.6 carats.

$40 million


File photo, Getty Images

Estimated value of 400 works of art by Old Masters in King’s private collection, including paintings by Monet, Chagall and Dali.

$1 billion

Estimated value of the Duchy of Lancaster, the private estate of the British sovereign, the Duke of Lancaster since 1399. It covers 18 hectares of land, town planning, historic buildings and commercial properties across England and Wales.


Estimated value of the King’s fleet of 23 luxury cars, including Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Jaguars.

$556 million

Estimated value of the King’s private estates, including Balmoral Castle and its 20,000-hectare estate, owned by the British royal family since 1852.

$239 million

Estimated value of the King’s private investments in the stock market.


Estimated value of 70 racehorses owned by the royal family, bought or given to Queen Elizabeth II, who was particularly interested in them.

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