New products on Allegro.  You cannot buy them without an ID card

On the electronic platform Allegro You can find many products. Toys, electronics, clothing, some types of food products – the range is wide. Part of it falls to the platform’s official store, and other items are sold by individual users, businesses, and more. In other words – there is a lot to choose from, and we can often buy things there at competitive prices.

After all, Allegro is not a supermarket and some products cannot be found there. For example, we are talking about a certain group of products that require an ID card to purchase. But what do you think of a complete revolution? It turns out that we may soon be able to buy alcohol from Allegro.

Allegro is currently working on introducing the capabilities Buy alcohol online – Just like other products. Dziennik Gazeta Prawna reported on the idea, citing a statement from company spokesman Marcin Gruszka. But it is sensitive, even if it is due to the legal requirements. Currently, it is unknown if and when the new functionality will be introduced to the store.

It is certain that We cannot order alcohol from Allegro to the parcel locker. A transaction of this type must be carried out with age verification, which is difficult in the case of receiving parcels in a parcel locker. This leaves the courier – it will check the buyer’s age when delivering the parcel. The first stage of verification will take place during the purchase process (from an adult’s account), and the second step is to provide identification upon delivery. At least that’s what it could look like in theory.

However, there were noises about possible violations. Age verification varies, especially when selling online. Additional inspection by the shipping company must also be flawless.

The potential implementation of the new functionality will certainly be a major revolution not only in the e-commerce market, but also in the sale of alcoholic beverages itself. Efficient implementation of the service will also be a major differentiator for Allegro from its competitors. Despite its growth, it has not yet “toppled” the Polish giant, which has been synonymous with online shopping in our country for years.

The question remains Do we really need to access alcohol online in Poland? In the form of sales on a popular platform. After all, we are discussing a ban on sales at gas stations, and we also have restrictions in some cities regarding sales, for example after 10 p.m. Maybe changes and “revolutions” should aim to ditch steroids, not encourage them?

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