US Senator Mitt Romney spoke about Ukraine.  He quoted the words of Lech Walesa

Why are we writing about this?

There is a heated debate in the US Congress about aid to Ukraine. Currently, the funds amount to more than 60 billion US dollars. Pending, House Speaker Mike Johnson expresses doubts about whether the bill guarantees more than $95 billion in aid for, among other things, Ukraine and Israel will be able to get the support of a majority of members of Congress in the House.

According to Johnson and the Republican majority, this bill does not adequately address the issue of protecting the border with Mexico.

Mitt Romney defended aid to Ukraine. Quoted by Lech Walesa

Meanwhile, discussions on the bill are still ongoing in the US Senate. The bill must be approved by both houses of Congress, and then it is submitted to the president. Mitt Romney, a Republican senator and former presidential candidate, spoke during the debate on the bill.

— Lech Walesa, Poland's first democratically elected president since 1926, recently wrote to all members of the US Senate. I quote: “You are obligated to ensure a peaceful future for your children. Our grandchildren will never forgive us if we fail to stop Russia now. If the United States does not lead, no one will.”

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