March 28, 2023


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Drama at Peruvian airport.  This selfie was known to the whole world - O2

Drama at Peruvian airport. This selfie was known to the whole world – O2

The plane crash in the capital of Peru caused a sensation. On the afternoon of November 18, at Lima International Airport, a Latam Airbus A-320 at full take-off speed crashed into an airport fire truck on the runway just before take-off. There were 102 passengers on board. After the collision, a fire broke out in the aircraft, and all passengers and crew members were safely evacuated without serious injuries. Unfortunately, two firefighters died and one was hospitalized.

Everything happened very quickly, seconds before takeoff I heard a terrible roar and saw flames, – one of the passengers was quoted by the BBC.

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A few passengers who had been evacuated from the burning machine had an unexpected idea. The survivors decided to capture the painful moment with a phone camera. As a result, a selfie went to social media, in which a sweetly smiling woman and man pose with a crashed plane. The passenger’s clothes and face were covered with fire fighting foam.

“I’ll take a selfie, too.”

The image of the couple conquered social media. These types of photos are extremely rare. Many netizens couldn’t believe that the couple took a selfie after leaving the plane. After the photo was posted on Facebook, there were more than 241,000 reactions and 5.4k likes. comments.

How is this possible? It would have been a huge disaster.

If such a situation happened to me, I would probably take a selfie and send it to my family so that they would know that I was safe and sound – said the commentator.