Urgent!  Huge profits from photovoltaic cells without waiting years This is what people who invested themselves say: 6.09.2021

From 200 to 400 PLN per month in the pockets of the Poles who installed photovoltaic cells in 2021. The average installation cost incurred by investors amounted to PLN 29 thousand. zloty. It’s also true that the investment pays off for years, because many people say it started black the first year of using the installation.

70% of investors feel the savings from the use of photovoltaic cells in the first year of operation of the panels, according to the Oferteo.pl report. The average start-up costs for a one-time installation are 29 thousand PLN. zloty. Three-quarters of the respondents are supported by state subsidies and privileges.

On average 29 thousand PLN for installation

The second edition of the Oferteo.pl study on the use of photovoltaic cells in Poland shows that the average installation cost incurred by investors was PLN 29 thousand. zloty. This amount is within the range indicated by the contractors surveyed by the portal at the beginning of this year (32-39 thousand PLN), noting that it should also include funds from subsidies.
The increase in costs incurred by investors was often affected by: limited space, shading, unfavorable orientation of the roof, its slope and type of roof.

real savings

It turns out that the entire process of installing panels, although not without difficulties, brings savings relatively quickly. Among those surveyed by Oferteo.pl, up to 70% admitted that they had already noticed the first profits from the production of ecological energy.
In the case of almost half (47%) of them were up to 200 PLN per month, 44% had saved between 200 and 400 PLN, and 9% were still more in their pockets.

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