November 27, 2022


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Urgent!  From January 31, the first important duty disappears.  Each Polish driver will save more than 100 PLN

Urgent! From January 31, the first important duty disappears. Each Polish driver will save more than 100 PLN

This year, several changes are planned, the Polish driver will not only receive a higher fine for violations on the road, but will also be able to save a little. Already at the end of January, an important commitment will disappear, which will allow drivers to save a little on expenses.

A Polish driver will not change license plates after buying a car

2002 saw two important changes, because he is a Polish driver You will no longer bear the cost of changing number plates When buying a used car. This important commitment will expire on January 31.

Until now, when buying a car, regardless of whether it was used or new, the driver had to register it or re-register it in the office. He had 30 days to do this and had to do it even when the car was registered in Poland.

Therefore, when visiting the office, he would take the previous paintings with him and make new ones. Usually it costs 180.50 PLN, and after changes, all formalities will be limited to the cost of PLN 80.

Simply put, the driver will be able to keep the current car license plates, even if the previous owner registered them in another city in Poland. There is only one condition – it must be legible and in good condition.

This isn’t the end of the changes – you don’t need the sticker either

The second important change in the lives of Polish drivers is the lack of a mandatory control sticker. Until now, with the car’s registration, the driver had to stick a sticker in the lower left corner on the windshield.

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This year, starting September 4, 2022, the obligation to put a control sticker on the windshield will disappear. Which means that the driver will save PLN 18.50. It must be issued when the vehicle is first registered in Poland or if the windshield has been replaced as a result of damage.

Simply put, as of September 4, 2022, the scraping of large car stickers will begin. It is worth noting that on the same day, car cards will lose their functionality and validity.

The driver will not need to have it. Thus, he will save 75.50 PLN if he decides to buy a car abroad or lose this document.

Polish registration sticker on windshield 309

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