Update: Anwil’s new price list has been delivered to distributors.  Is this an advertisement for discounts?

– As we announced, we have a flexible approach to fertilizer prices in terms of gas price changes. The updated price list has already been delivered to distributors – Daria Studzińska, spokesperson for Anwil Grupa Orlen wrote on Twitter. She stamped it with signs indicating a price cut. Update: There is a new price list from Anwil. Prices are lower.

Is this an announcement of lower prices? From the information we can conclude that this is very possible. We asked for a price list. – This information is a trade secret of the company – Studzińska replied to us.

Update: On December 29, 2021, information about the new Anwil price list appeared on the web. According to unofficial data, the new rates will apply from January 1, 2022. They are offered for 25 percent. Contract quantities for January. Ammonium nitrate was estimated at about 2600 PLN/ton.

Farmers reported the cuts via social media.

We remind you that on December 23 there was information about sharp increases in fertilizer prices, especially nitrogen fertilizers. Ammonium nitrate, previously valued at around PLN 2,600/net ton, has increased to over PLN 4,000. Polish zloty per ton. Data appeared that sales were suspended, only a few distribution points provided price lists and allowed fertilizer purchases.

Most often, the sale of fertilizers was suspended.  Rock salt is much higher than 4000 zlotys

On December 23, a price list can be found on social media, which announced increases from December 27, that is, after Christmas. screen below.

On that day, Studzińska shared the following tweet.

Then, on December 27, Daria Studzińska posted another piece of information on Twitter. We monitor gas prices on an ongoing basis, and they have been corrected downward during the festive season. We work flexibly and will adjust our bid to market realities on an ongoing basis, she said.

The latest entry, today, December 28, shows the company has reacted. What will the prices be? is still unknown. You have to look for it in the company’s distributors. Let us know in the comments.

Szczecin port unloads fertilizer giant.  32.2 thousand tons of urea

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