Unvaccinated, Guilloo gets into trouble with Lame-Divirz

The non-vaccination status of Guillome Lame-Divierge has cost him a contract. According to our information, the 45-year-old actor and presenter will not be running episodes District 31 This fall, because he refuses to get two needles for Covit-19.

Hugo Dumas

Hugo Dumas

Patrick Lagage

Patrick Lagage

Guillome Lame-Divirge sat behind the camera of the detective drama for at least a week, alternating with the other four directors appointed to the show, Patrice O’Malley, Daniel Mathot, Stephen Zimmert and Laurent Busemin. According to our sources, he was fired because he was not adequately protected.

Guillo feels Lame-Divirj half an hour District 31 From the summer of 2019. He signed on to 28 of the 120 episodes of Radio-Canada’s daily series last season.

“There are technicians who are not vaccinated District 31. But they do not interact directly with the actors. The director stands next to the actors, he directs them and talks to them. If the director is positive, the whole set should be stopped, ”explains a source in the production District 31.

The rules governing vaccination in a television set are still vague and have different geometries. A manufacturer may inquire about the vaccine status of his team, but his staff cannot be asked to use an injection.

Guillome Lame-Divirz, not represented by an agent, did not respond to our interview requests regarding his expulsion. District 31 And their vaccine status. Joined Wednesday, producer Fabian Lauroch announced: “The information sent about Guilloom is personal and confidential information.

Produced by Etios, the company of Fabian Lauroch and Michael Trudeau District 31“We do not comment publicly on the existence, absence, nature or content [des] Agreements with [ses] Artists or [ses] Craftsmen, ”said Genevieve Clement, a spokesman for the company.

All actors District 31 Received two doses of the vaccine. He was still the undisputed comedian in the cast, but he recently received a second dose that would allow his peers to perform within two meters.

The non-vaccinated status of Guillome Lame-Divierge may also cause him trouble on the TVA network, where he hosts various shows. Masked singers As well as documentation If we loved one another. This is from 1There is November, Quebecor and its subsidiaries require all “employees, suppliers, visitors, subcontractors and consultants” to get vaccinated passports Press.

According to the lawyer for the TVA Employees Union, the move also targets artists, freelancers and non-union members working outside the premises owned by Quebec and its various media outlets.

Shooting for the third season If we loved one another Completed last month Masked singers It will conclude on Tuesday, September 28, at the Cirque du Soleil campus north of Montreal. On the other hand, if you want to promote Guilloma Lame-Divirj in person Hello Hello Or It ends the week well After 1 p.m.There is November, he must submit the application VaxiCode, For restaurants, bars and gyms.

During the recordings Masked singers, Guillome Lame-Divierz respects the rules of hygiene in practice, referring to an internal source. Show Masked singers Viewed by 1.4 million viewers on Sunday. It was one of TVA’s biggest hits of the fall. Producer Masked singersBenoit Clermont, head of the Deferlands box, did not recall Press About the future of Guilloma Lame-Divierge, led by the popular TVA show.

For its part, Radio-Canada does not impose a vaccination passport, but encourages “vaccinators”.

Bell Media, which operates Nuvo and several other specialty channels (Canal Wii, RDS), on Monday implemented a policy similar to that of Quebec, which is being phased out. The concrete applications of this order are not clear.

Union des Artists (UDA), the union representing the cast, is waiting to receive the policies of Bell Media and Quebec.

In general, the Guilloma Lame-Divirge vaccine did not hide its opposition to the passport. Press I learned that the actor and presenter had inquired at two restaurants about the possibility of allowing him into the dining room without a vaccinated passport. In both cases, he referred to people like him as “special people” before making it clear that he was talking about non – vaccinated status. The request was rejected.

According to our information, Guillome Lame-Divirge speaks openly about his punishments against the tide of health measures imposed by public health. He contacted fellow artists and said it was wrong to follow these health measures, even calling them “brainwashing”.

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