“The Voice”: Sophie Grenier, Christa Maria, Locke and Christopher in semifinals

Sophie Grenier, Christa Maria Abo Acl, Loc Jolicoeur and Christopher Therrien won their places for Sunday evening’s “La Voix” semi-final, while France d’Amore replaced Marjo, who was absent due to Covid-19.

He caused a sensation during the blind auditions and continues to receive support from the public, Sophie Grenier, who gave him 64% of the vote following his rendition of “Until We Are”. Christa Maria Abou Akl didn’t think she would be appreciated by the general public who gave her 74% of the vote by wanting to honor her Lebanese ancestry with Enrico Macias’ “Adieu mon pays”.

With “Allo Maman Bobo” touching and moving, Loic Jolicoire deserves the next step, as Christopher Therrien, he knows how to open his reality with authenticity and naturalness.


Sitting on a stage, Roxanne Bruno opened the evening with her song “Acrophobia,” quickly joining the twelve nominees in the running for the evening. Together, they later lit up the song “Partout.”

Later, he was on stage when he revealed the winner of “The Second Voice” competition, where he coached. Young Livia St-Pierre from Saguenay, who had just turned 15, was chosen by the public to be crowned.

“Thank you for believing in me by giving me a second chance, Livia expressed while trembling. Thank you for your advice, you have been a great coach.

The winner got a chance to share the big stage of “The Voice” with her coach with the smash hit “On My Way.”

Emergency replacement

France D’Amore was out of the country when production asked him to replace Marjo, who tested positive for Covid-19 and was unable to be in the studio on Sunday evening. He returned on Friday evening and until Saturday morning, he was at the MELS studio to meet with Marjo team candidates.

However, the coach retained his voting power. Frans D’Amore coached the candidates in rehearsals and was able to give his feedback after the shows, but it was Marjo who gave each of his candidates the percentages he wanted to say over the phone.

Loïk Jolicoeur moves Quebec

Although the trainer did not give him the maximum points (he gave him 33 points), the public allowed Loc Jolicoeur to win his place in the semi-finals with a total of 72 points.

“I thank the public for believing in me, I thank the coaches,” said the 16-year-old candidate, who had already tried his luck at “La Voix Junior” a few years ago. I love you all.”

Wanting to show the public a new sensibility, Audrey-Anne Seguin chose “(You Make Feel) a Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin with a string quartet. “I’m happy to see you on this stage, performing this way,” the coach said after his game. When we talk about a vocal singer who has mastered her craft, we think of you. I’ve never felt you so good.”

Loic Jolicoire ventured into a completely different universe by singing Alain Souchon’s “Allo Maman Bobo.” His description was obviously tinged with his extreme sensitivity and all the battles he had to fight to stay healthy today. “I love you guys, the coach told him. I can’t believe I have this emotional intelligence at 16. When you sing, we’re with you, you hug us, it’s always true.

Gabriel Grenan struggled with “L’amour a pris sa temps,” which might not have been his best choice. “You have pure talent,” commented the coach.

Christopher Therrien advanced to the semi-finals

With 34 points from the trainer and 35 points from the public, Christopher Therrien is taking the next step. Marjo and the public voted squarely against the other two candidates.

Nathaël received 40 points from the coach and only 25 from the public, while Melanie received 40 from the public and 26 from the coach.

In the absence of Marjo, who was ill with Covid-19, substitute coach Frans D’Amore gave a short performance of “Everything to Win” before revealing the evening’s winner. All of Marjo’s team candidates, during this second quarter, were surprisingly from New Brunswick.

Christopher Therrien used Pierre Lapointe’s “Maman Papa” to address his parents with the words he wanted when he came out. “You embody this song so much it seems like it was written for you,” substitute coach France D’Amore said. It’s a miracle.”

With Billie Eilish as her role model, Nathaël Young chose “Happier Than Ever” to punch her ticket to the semi-finals. “I really like to scream in my songs,” he told Marjo in rehearsal. Who am I to shout? France d’Amore compared it to poutine at 4am. “It’s good, it’s good, it’s good,” she added. I love everything about you and adore you. I’ll put you in my pan and take you home.

Melanie Hatch agreed to express herself in a grand way with the lyrics of Laurence Jalbert’s “In the Name of Reason.” “You echo all the women who put their dreams behind them and put family and everything else first,” Frances d’Amour said. You communicate with the beauty of your voice.

Christa Maria was praised by the public

With 74% of the public vote and 33 points from the coach, Crista Maria Abo Acl advanced to the semi-finals. This is the highest percentage of the public vote this season.

“I want to thank Corneli, who insisted that I sing in Arabic, revealed the winner, and made his decision even more surprising. All immigrants know that leaving their country is a very difficult thing, but coming to Quebec with such loving people, you can’t do otherwise.

Earlier, the 20-year-old singer chose to echo her Lebanese roots by singing Enrico Macias’ “Adieu mon pays.” He also revealed that his entry into the quarter-finals of “La Voix” found resonance in the Lebanese media. “This girl is incredibly talented,” Corneli said at the end of her performance. You are an excellent voice technician. In an increasingly divided world, you federally come up with this plan. You were the first to sing in Arabic on “La Voix” and everyone else who did it later, because you paved the way. You are a pioneer in your 20s.

He begins to enjoy his life as he lives in Quebec, screamed in “La Litour” by Frenchman Silvio Safia Nolin. “If only people knew what you did to be here to take that little bit of courage,” his coach told him, wiping away tears. You are the first non-binary artist on “La Voix”. There are many parents who experience this same loneliness. Tonight, you may have given people a conversation to talk about.

She promised herself that if she did a live broadcast of “The Voice,” she would do a song by her father, Thomas Jensen. Wondering if there was something wrong with the lyrics, he chose “Montreal” from his repertoire. “I didn’t intend to see a candidate, I saw an artist. You have been and will continue to be. I can’t wait to see your life.”

Candidates in semi-final

Mario Belsad Group

Steffi Pyong, 23, Montreal

Sophie Grenier, 17, Ottawa (saved)

Cornell Group

Jay, 24, Montreal

Christa Maria Abou Akl, 20, Montreal

Team Marjo

Julie St-Pierre, 37, Montreal

Christopher Therrien, 33, Saint-Anne-de-Madawaska (NB)

Team Mark Dupree

Adam El Mouna, 19 years old, Ville-Sainte-Catherine

Loc Jolicoire, 16, Saint-Constant

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