Unusual condition.  Two huge asteroids heading towards Earth

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The US space agency reported that the asteroid 2024 JZ6 with a diameter of 247 meters and the asteroid 2024 HP with a length of 186 meters will pass by Earth on May 23, and we can immediately reassure you – both space rocks will pass our planet at a safe distance of more than 5.5 million kilometers, which is Ten times greater than the distance separating us from the moon.

The flybys of both objects are simply a cosmic curiosity, because although larger and smaller asteroids pass by Earth every day, it is very rare for two large asteroids to pass by us on the same day. It is also worth adding that Both objects were discovered this year (Hence their name with the number 2024), which just goes to show how important it is to constantly monitor space for potentially dangerous asteroids.

What is the effect of an asteroid hitting Earth?

If a 250 meter asteroid hits Warsaw, The consequences will be disastrous. Just in the initial explosion with the force of 8 billion tons of TNT, more than 200,000 people would die instantly. People, and the fireball created in this way would be 13 kilometers in diameter, causing hundreds of thousands more deaths and serious second and third degree burns. Trees 100 kilometers away from the explosion will ignite and a devastating 240 decibel shock wave will be generated.

Image: Computer Soyat/Asteroid Launcher

People at a distance of 50 km will suffer damage to the lungs and eardrums, there will also be building collapses at a distance of 115 km, and the strength of the winds at a distance of 26 km from the impact will be higher than the winds on Jupiter. . The impact will also be accompanied by a massive earthquake felt 200 kilometers away.

Asteroids with a size of 250 meters collide with Earth at a rate of once every 120 thousand years. Years.

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