Unusual behavior by American forces.  Aid for Gaza fell from the sky

Humanitarian aid from the United States of America. The army dropped the packages from planes

The US military dropped humanitarian aid from the air in the Gaza Strip for the first time. In cooperation with the Jordanian Air Force, they shot down more than 38,000 aircraft. Meals as part of humanitarian aid to the population. This method has been used in the past for airdrops of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and elsewhere.

The US military carried out the attack on Saturday Delivering first aid to residents of the Gaza Strip. The operation was performed With the help of the Jordanian Air Force. BBC reports. The delivered products were properly secured. The military launched them from planes with each pallet the umbrella.

The first drop of humanitarian aid from the United States to the Gaza Strip

As part of the first round of humanitarian aid – approved by Joe Biden – to those in need Approximately 38,000 meals were received. Three C-130 transport aircraft were used for this operation. The US presidential administration had indicated that airdrop operations would be ongoing and continuous Israel He expressed his opinion about it an agreement.

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USAF C-130 aircraft have been used in the past for airdrops of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and elsewhere. The food parcels were secured on platforms with a net and then released from the back of the plane using parachutes.

Senator appeals to Biden. This applies to the Gaza Strip

US Senator Jeff Merkley called on the Biden administration to expand the scope of aid delivery to Gaza to include land and sea shipments.

“The United States has begun airdrops of much-needed humanitarian aid to Gaza. A big step forward. Now let us add the land supplies from the sea to the shore to obtain a volume commensurate with the continuing crisis there, he wrote MerkleySenator from the Democratic Party.

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At the same time, the politician drew attention to the need for continued assistance, which is necessary in a war-torn country. “Still I call for a massive influx of needed assistance “Food, medicine and other supplies to Gaza, in parallel with my calls for a ceasefire,” he wrote. “We can and must do both,” he added.

Merkley is one of the harshest critics of the US Congress and Israel's handling of the war, and has repeatedly called for a ceasefire and increased humanitarian aid.

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