There was no bridge and there.  The Polish partner offers ultra-modern amphibious vehicles

The South Korean army demonstrates during military exercises Modern M3 Amphibious Rig units in the M3-K version, i.e. jointly developed by the Korean company Hanwha Aerospace (producing, among others, K239 Chunmoo missile systems ordered by Poland) in cooperation with General Dynamics European Land Systems, the German manufacturer of the “original” systems. What exactly is M3? It is a self-propelled floating bridge with four-wheel drive (4×4), and is the result of joint work between the German and British armies on the successor to the M2 bridge.

Issuance The M3 offers many improvements, with a top speed on the road of 80 km/h and in the water of 13 km/h (The wheels can be raised after entering the water, which reduces drag), this is ensured by a 4-stroke air-cooled 8-cylinder KHD DF8L513C diesel engine with direct injection (Euro III) with a power of 265 kW. The self-propelled bridge can travel up to 725 kilometers on a single tank of fuel (or operate continuously for up to 6.25 hours), while crossing trenches up to 100 cm wide and walls up to 79 cm high. In the third version, the number of elements forming the ramp was reduced to three, the length was increased by 2.30 meters, and the number of crew was reduced to three people.

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