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Mateusz Pieczkowski

On Sunday, Marika Popović-Drapala became Polish indoor champion in the 400 metres. Athlete Zawisza Bydgoszcz achieved a time of 51.87 seconds, not only breaking her personal record, but also setting a world record in the Masters category.

Marika Popović-Drapala has already reached the end of her career, during which she ran mainly the 100 and 200 metres. However, the 35-year-old has recently proven herself in the 400 metres. Sunday was a serious test for her.

The Zawisza Bydgoszcz player fought for the Polish championship with, among others, the Olympic champions from Tokyo – Justyna Cveta-Ercetic and Iga Baumgart-Wytan. The winner was Popowicz-Drapała, ahead of the aforementioned Święta-Ersetic and Kinga Gacka. She achieved an amazing time – 51.87 seconds.

After Sunday's competition, she also became the new world record holder at this distance in the Masters category. Currently, she is the fastest female runner in the world over the age of 35 in two cycles on the circuit. In doing so, she took over the legacy of the previous record holder, Helena Vucova of the Czech Republic (51.99).

TVP Sport commentators were also impressed by Marica Popovic-Drapala's achievement. – It's amazing what this girl can do. Great tour – we heard it live.

– A personal record for a runner who decided to run the 400 meters at the end of her career. Commenters added: “You did it so beautifully.”

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