January 30, 2023


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"Władze Ukrainy są gotowe odesłać ciała poległych rosyjskich żołnierzy do Rosji zgodnie z normami międzynarodowego prawa humanitarnego" – podała stacja BBC, cytując szefa wydziału współpracy cywilno-wojskowej Ukrainy Wołodymyra Lamzina.

Ukrainian authorities: They are ready to return the bodies of Russian soldiers to Russia

“The Ukrainian authorities are ready to return the bodies of the dead Russian soldiers to Russia in accordance with the rules of international humanitarian law,” the BBC quoted Volodymyr Lamzin, head of the Ukrainian Civil and Military Cooperation Department, as saying.

On Friday, military officials placed the bodies of the huddled Russians in it Kyiv and Chernihiv states in refrigerated vans. There is information on more such trains in other parts of the country – writes BBC.

When the active phase of the conflict ends, the parties must return the bodies of the killed soldiers to the other country. Ukraine is ready to return the bodies of the aggressor Lamzen said.

According to information received from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on war Already lost 26,000 Russian soldiers.

Russia has not updated the official balance sheet for dead since March 25, when it admitted a loss of more than 1.3 thousand. Soldiers, the BBC reported.

A few days ago, the Ukrainian Security Service intercepted a conversation in which it appeared that the Russians were depositing thousands of corpses of dead soldiers in the open air. The bodies – according to the Ukrainian services – are dumped in landfillssince the so-called “200 shipments” (as the Russians define the bodies of dead soldiers) is much more than that. The piles of corpses are up to two meters high.

Officials killed in war are considered “missing without a trace” – service reports.

The Russians transport the bodies of soldiers to a landfill. Officially they are “missing”

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