June 9, 2023


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Big giveaway at Amazon Prime Gaming. 15 free games

Amazon Prime Gaming launches Spring Festival of Promotions – 15 titles waiting for netizens to pick up over the next 4 weeks! What free games are available?

Amazon as part of its service Amazon Prime Gaming She prepared a real feast for subscribers in April. They will get even 15 new titlesAmong them, without a doubt, every lover of such entertainment will find something for himself.

We will not pick up games at once, and they will appear in batches. Therefore, it is worth checking out the platform until the end of the month. Three new titles await us every Thursday.

Amazon Prime Gaming – 15 new games for free

Below is a list of all the free titles that will go to subscribers Until the end of April. The big giveaway will start next Thursday:

  • April 6 – Wolfenstein: The New Order (GOG),
  • April 6 – Ninja Commando (Amazon Games app),
  • April 6 – Art of Fighting 3 (Amazon Games App),
  • April 13 – The Monster Within (GOG),
  • April 13 – Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (Amazon Games app),
  • April 13 – Ghost Pilots (Amazon Games app),
  • April 20 – Beholder 2 (Amazon Games app),
  • April 20 – Terraformers (Amazon Games app),
  • April 20 – Metal Slug 4 (Amazon Games app),
  • April 20 – Ninja Masters (Amazon Games app),
  • April 27 – Hunt for Aliens (old games),
  • April 27 – Grime (Amazon Games app),
  • April 27 – Sengoku (Amazon Games app),
  • April 27 – Magician Lord (Amazon Games app).

Photo by ohshiftl, Fotolia.com

To take advantage of the promotion that Amazon offers us, it is necessary that you have Amazon Prime Subscription. However, their cost is nominal for what we get.

behind 49 PLN per year (ie PLN 4 per month) We can use the Amazon Prime Gaming service, as well as the Amazon Prime video streaming platform.

In addition, each subscriber can count on free deliveries and special offers on Amazon, intended only for Amazon Prime owners.

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