United States of America.  The dog watched his owner’s body for two months.  Rescuers tell how he survived

A Jack Russell terrier watched over his master’s body for ten weeks after he died on a mountain road. The animal lost half its body weight, but managed to survive on its own in difficult mountain conditions. – If he could talk, he would have an amazing story to tell – confirmed one of the rescuers who participated in the search, quoted by CBS News.

A local hunter found the body of 71-year-old Rich Moore, who had been missing for more than two months near the Blackhead Peak Trail in Colorado, on October 30. The body was found more than 3 kilometers from the summit and “much further” than the deceased’s car. A day later, Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office officers arrived at the scene, identified and secured the body.

The dog was watching the master’s body

The services that removed the 71-year-old’s body from the track also took his Jack Russell terrier. A female dog named Vinnie was constantly watching her master. She was nearby when the hunter found his body and when services arrived. Delinda Van Breeten, from the local rescue team, told CBS News that the dog weighed less than 3 kilograms when it was found. The normal weight of a female dog of this breed is about 5-6 kg.

Van Breateen confirmed, quoted by the site, that Finney’s “remarkable survival story” is evidence of her loyalty to Moore. – I must admit that Jack Russell dogs are very fierce. The rescuer, who has trained the dogs herself in the past, explained that they are a small but strong breed.

Vinnie kept watch over the owner’s body for two monthsFacebook/Chantelle Hammer

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How did the dog survive in the mountains?

Rescuers admit it’s still not entirely clear how Vinnie herself survived ten weeks in the mountains. They suspect that the dog feeds by hunting small animals, such as mice, while avoiding larger mountain predators such as cougars, bears and coyotes. -If this dog could talk, he would have an amazing story to tell. “We probably couldn’t believe what he was going to say,” Van Breateen told CBS News.

The website states that Vinny has already undergone veterinary examinations and is currently under the care of Moore’s relatives. -I am very happy that she is back with her family. Its members have lost a loved one, but they still have their wonderful and loyal dog – the rescuer noted.

Local coroner Brad Hunt declared the 71-year-old climber’s cause of death to be hypothermia, which could have resulted in impaired awareness and orientation in the field. Investigators do not suspect foul play or the involvement of third parties in Moore’s death.

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Main image source: Chantelle Hammer

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