United States of America.  Sentencing a policewoman.  The woman was placed in a police car parked on the tracks – the car collided with a train

A court has sentenced former policewoman Jordan Steinke to 30 months’ probation and 100 hours of community service in connection with reckless endangerment, news outlets reported. An officer from Platteville, Colorado, handcuffed the detainee and locked her in a police car parked at a railroad crossing. Moments later, the car collided with a speeding freight train.

The incident occurred in early September 2022. Platteville Police responded to a call regarding a road rage incident involving aggression and the use of a firearm in Fort Lupton. Officers located the vehicle in question and arrested the driver, 20-year-old Yarene Rios Gonzalez. Her car stopped next to the railway crossing, and the police stopped the police car at the crossing, on the tracks. Officer Jordan Steinke handcuffed the woman and locked her in a police car. While officers were searching the detainee’s car, a freight train arrived and collided with the police car. The incident was recorded by cameras mounted on police uniforms. The 20-year-old was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

There was a woman handcuffed in the police car that was hit by the trainENIX/Fort Lupton Police/KCNC

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I locked the detained person in the police car. A vehicle collided with a train

In July, Judge Timothy Kearns convicted Steinke — who was fired from the police force after a railroad accident — on charges of reckless endangerment and third-degree assault. However, he did not find her guilty of attempted murder. The court has now sentenced Steinke to 30 months of probation and 100 hours of community service, CNN reported Saturday, citing attorney Mallory A. Revell.

The American radio station indicated that Stinky met with Rios Gonzalez and quoted her statement in which she indicated that she “understands the physical, emotional and mental pain” that the 20-year-old young woman and her loved ones are suffering from. “As a police officer, I never wanted anyone else to suffer under my supervision. I feel very responsible for what happened that night. What happened that night haunted me for 364 days,” Steineke was quoted as saying.

Pablo Vasquez, the second officer present at the scene of the arrest of the 20-year-old, is still awaiting trial – the CBS News portal reported, confirming that he is accused of parking a police car at a railway crossing, and he is also charged with reckless endangerment and obstruction. He is scheduled to appear in court in December.

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Main image source: ENIX/Fort Lupton Police/KCNC

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