Austria.  Sebastian Kurz withdrew from politics, and was supposed to take care of the family.  It will start working in Silicon Valley

Sebastian Kurtz He announced his decision to withdraw from politics on December 2. He encouraged her to give birth to a son and a desire to devote time to his family. He announced that he would resign from all his posts, including the head of the Austrian People’s Party (OeVP). “This decision was not easy, but I do not feel sad. I am very grateful for everything I have been through in the past 10 years” – he emphasized.

work for a decade in politics, Dust has achieved just about everything He was the foreign minister, the youngest foreign minister in the country’s history, the youngest federal advisor and head of the OeVP party. “Won twice in the National Assembly elections. Meetings with Putin and Trump. I got angry with Merkel and the European Union. The forgotten Austria is again visible on the international stage” – describes Kurz’s political life as Kronen Zeitung.

Curtis argued that it was the birth of his son that made him want to devote more time to his family. He was absorbed by political activism too much, and oftentimes he “felt stalked and trapped”. He referred to the charges against him of involvement in corruption scandals.

A few days ago, on November 17, Kurz waives his parliamentary immunityThe claim was resumed An investigation against him and those close to him in connection with the 2016 corruption scandal. Then he confirmed that he “personally looks forward to the day when he will be able to prove in court that the charges against him are unfounded.”

Son of Sebastian Corza, Konstantin Sebastian Born November 27. “There was a little father at birth– writes “Kronen Zeitung”. Curtis is not giving any interviews at present. His advisor’s office has long been cleaned – writes the magazine.

Last week, a report on the audit of the accounts of the Ministry of Finance was published which revealed, among other things, that: disclosure of unjustified payments in the amount of more than 120,000 PLN Euros made in 2016 by persons associated with Kareem. – According to the head of the Office of the Financial Prosecutor Wolfgang Peschorn, this report does not contain any personal charges against Susan Thier, partner of Sebastian Kurz, who worked in the huge communications department of the Federal Ministry of Finance until maternity leave “Kronen Zeitung” refers.

“Proving innocence may take years, other cases have shown. By that time, Kurz may have graduated from high school,” the newspaper wrote, stressing that in early February Kurtz would start a new job “at a global company in Silicon Valley.” The contract has already been signed, and more information will be published soon.

“In the future, the former chancellor will live a classic managerial life between San Francisco and Vienna, Germany and Switzerland. Susan and his son will accompany him in part on this. In addition, he is likely to take up positions on international supervisory boards” – writes the magazine, citing Kurtz’s friends, adding that the former chancellor ” A return to politics is highly unlikely.

Another life change for Curtis is to marry Susan Thier after 16 years of relationship.

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