April 1, 2023


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Russia: They appealed to Putin. They talk about “sent to the slaughter.”

Russia: The women turned to Vladimir Putin about mobilization

A group of mothers and wives of Russian soldiers have asked Vladimir Putin to stop sending men to the “slaughter,” CNN reported. The women also demand that Russians not be sent into combat without proper training and equipment.

Women from the Moscow Region addressed Vladimir Putin directly in a video posted on social media. Someone said, “Please help me.”

Russia: Women ask Vladimir Putin for help

According to her, their husbands and sons did not receive proper training – instead of two weeks, it lasted only four days, leaving them unprepared to fight, and at the same time “throwing them to the slaughter.”

The woman says, “We are sent like lambs to the slaughter to storm fortified areas five times at a time against an armed enemy a hundred times stronger.”

Moreover, they were mobilized in Russia for the war in Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin promised, and they had to conduct operations “in the rear”, and in the meantime they were sent to the front lines.


packing in Russia

In September 2022, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on “partial mobilization”. According to the “official” Kremlin data, the mobilization was supposed to cover 300 thousand people. the people.

The decision of the authorities caused panic among the population of Russia. According to the Ukrinform agency, in the first week of mobilization, more people came from Russia than participated in the aggression against Ukraine.

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After the start of mobilization in Russia, the wives and mothers of soldiers began to post recordings on social media addressed to the authorities or directly to Vladimir Putin.


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