United Nations summit.  The United States bought half a billion doses of Pfizer.  Joe Biden: America will be a vaccine arsenal

“America promised to be the arsenal of vaccines because it was the arsenal of democracy during World War II,” Biden said, opening the summit and announcing the purchase of 500 million doses from Pfizer for low- and middle-income countries under the auspices of the World Health Organization. COVAX program.

The United States previously purchased 600 million, of which 160 million doses have been shipped so far. All doses will be delivered by September of next year.

Heads of 100 countries and representatives from the private sector and non-governmental organizations are taking part in the four-hour meeting on the sidelines of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. 30 leaders will participate in the discussion live, while the rest – including the Polish president – have sent video recordings.

As the Biden administration’s top representative announced before the meeting, the US president will call on countries to make commitments to end the pandemic in three areas: vaccinate the countries most in need, address the oxygen supply crisis, and prepare for the next pandemic by “creating a sustainable financing mechanism for health security.”

Joe Biden is also expected to encourage countries to achieve the 70% vaccination target. World population by September 2022

The US president is also expected to renew his support for suspending vaccine patents under the World Trade Organization’s TRIPS Agreement. However, he is against, inter alia, most EU countries.

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