Russian ships in the Caribbean Sea.  This is a reaction to the West’s support for Ukraine

Four Russian warships, including a nuclear-powered submarine, are scheduled to arrive in Cuba next week. The units will reportedly participate in maneuvers in the Caribbean Sea. US officials see this as a show of force in response to Western support for Ukraine.

This was announced by the Cuban Foreign Ministry Russian ships Arriving June 12-17 from “Official visit to the port of Havana“Also stressed.”Historical friendly relations“Between Russia and Cuba.

The Associated Press, citing sources in the US administration, reported that US authorities monitor the movement of Russian ships and aircraft heading to the Caribbean SeaWhere they will participate In maneuverswhich is supposed to be a show of force.

Russian ships in the Caribbean Sea. This is a reaction to the American move

US officials estimate that Russia is building it The military presence in the Western Hemisphere is noteworthyBut it’s not annoying.

In exercises Several Russian ships will participate – Including the Kazan unit and the Admiral Gorshkov guided missile frigate. The sources confirmed that the US Army will monitor them.

Kazan is an attack submarine of Project 885M. It entered service in May 2021. It is equipped with a nuclear engine and can operate autonomously at sea for 100 days. The unit dives to a depth of 600 metres, and includes a crew of 64 sailors.

According to US officials, the Russians may also visit Venezuelan ports.

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Russia has sent its ships to the Caribbean region before. However, the Associated Press confirms that the maneuvers this time will take place after threats from the side Russian dictator Vladimir PutinIt will take “asymmetric steps” in response to US President Joe Biden’s decision.

As added, it is about allowing Ukraine To use American weapons to strike inside RussiaTo defend Kharkov.

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