Russian soldiers engaged the plane.  They were returning from the war

A fight broke out between Russian soldiers on a plane on the Chita-Ekaterinburg route. According to eyewitnesses, the men, who were wearing uniforms with the symbols “V” and “Z” on the sleeves, were under the influence of alcohol.

A hypersonic missile hit the ground for the first time. Thanks to the US Patriots

Today, Saturday, the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, General Mykola, said that for the first time we have shot down a Russian hypersonic missile.

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From the conversations of the two men, it became clear that they were returning from the front. During the trip, there was a quarrel between them, which at some point turned into a fight. The quarrel was about to begin, according to witnesses, when “something was not shared between the military.”

In one of the videos posted on social media, one soldier can be seen punching another in the face while he is being flown in a plane.

Airline staff and other passengers tried to calm the men down. The commotion on the boat was supposed to last for about an hour.

Also read: A hypersonic missile hit the ground for the first time. Thanks to the US Patriots

Ural Airlines did not comment on the incident. It was only reported that an investigation would be conducted into the matter.

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