June 5, 2023


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Unfortunately, Tusk does not have the charisma

Jerzy Hoffmann, director of the film adaptation of Henrik Sienkiewicz’s “Trilogy”, gave an interview to Gazeta Wiborcza. In it, he drew no criticism of the opposition, and also acknowledged that the attack on St. John Paul II is wrong.

Look at our opposition, and these gentlemen can’t agree on anything. Everyone is fighting for seats. How are they different from the other side? Why do I love them?

George Hoffman said.

When I watch these opposition dances … Well, Tusk also, unfortunately, does not have charisma and often lowers himself to the level of the opponent’s arguments … Well, the new generation simply must grow up, which will decide its own destiny. And ready

The manager confirmed.

Hoffmann on John Paul II: His services to Poland cannot be overestimated

Jerzy Hoffman made it no secret that the attack on St. John Paul II was wrong.

Raising this issue now was a shot in the foot. “Do you want Poland? Well, you have it.” On the other hand, how strong is JPII? It must be remembered that he had no support in the Vatican, nor did it come from the Italian cardinals, in fact he was a loner, so I will not judge him harshly. But I don’t think he can be charged with pedophilia. He was loved and understood by the youth, and he played a great role in raising the spirit, faith, resistance and victory. His merits towards Poland cannot be overstated

He said.

The manager was very critical of the federation.

I think there should be a law that puts any extremist movement in jail immediately and nips it in the bud. Because these are inhumane slogans and should be treated as incitement to crimes against humanity

– He said.

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This authority is legally elected.

Jerzy Hoffman defended the Law and Justice party, stating that even if this formation was not popular, it won the election.

I may belong to a different formation mentally, but unfortunately this party was elected in the elections. It was not a coup like Piłsudski’s, nor was it a military coup. This is how the president was elected. What now? As long as this authority is legally elected by the majority of society, it is an authority. I can say this with sadness or regret, but this is strength. And for me it can be like that, and for someone completely different, and yet that person has reasons to vote. Let it be up to 500 plus or an extra pension. We’ll see what comes tomorrow

He said.

The director also gave his review to Wojciech Jaruzelski.

I’m not entirely sure if he should be convicted. To this day, the controversies continue: would you get in, wouldn’t you? I think we were too important a link to let go, because the collapse of the USSR came as a surprise to everyone

is without.