The interview captured the conversation between the Russian and his wife.  Talk about cutting the throats of the Ukrainians |  world News

security service Ukraine published on Saturday 2 July capturing Through a telephone conversation with a Russian soldier. “This is one of the sharpest recordings ever taken,” he commented in a statement. A man fighting in the south told his wife what happened during the deployment forces.

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US forces transfer M113 armored personnel carriers to trucks as part of military aid to Ukraine

Ukraine. A conversation between a Russian and his wife. “When will I have the opportunity to slit a man’s throat again?”

The man described the whole process as “the party”. – We ran to take our positions. They told us to kill them [Ukraińców – red.] On the road. And I was thinking – F***, try cutting my throat? Ch ***, I’ll do that. A friend is there too… Chu *** I felt – he was saying Russian. – I didn’t tire him. I just cut his ring. Well, when will I ever get the chance to cut a man’s throat again? – added. The woman seemed surprised at first, but then laughed.

Cruelty grows. Zelensky: The war is not over yet

The news was supposed to be a secret, and the whole world would hear about it

The Russian asked his partner to hide everything she had heard from him. His wife may and will remain silent, but the interview will not be necessary. “Now you will know his secrets to the whole world. The racist himself and his atrocities are documented in the appropriate criminal proceedings” – the security services reported Ukraine In the published press release. “these facts They clearly show what non-persons are against. “We will force them to hold them accountable for the crimes they committed,” they added.

Vladimir Putin (Illustrative image)Russia is running out of weapons. The Kremlin applies “special measures”

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