We are not racist!

The next time you hear someone call Quebecers racist, you have a word for them: Rs.

• Read more: “Ru” is approaching $2 million at the box office

As is the title of Charles-Olivier Michaud's film adaptation of Kim Thuy's novel, which grossed $1.75 million at the Quebec box office.

This narrative of solidarity between “natives” and “immigrants” should shut up the many annoying people who want to believe that we are fundamentally intolerant.

An open Quebec

It is true Rs Soon it will make two million at the box office and entertain us. Quebecers embraced the film, with open arms, as they embraced the book, as they embraced Kim Thuy. Boat people The Vietnamese in the 70s and 80s.

Rs Makes us look positive. It's a shift in films (or programs or editorials) that the average Quebecer sees as insulting.

I loved the scene where the neighbors bring spaghetti sauce and shepherd's pie to the newly arrived Kim Thuy family. These dishes sit in the fridge with dozens of other Shepherd's Pie and Spaghetti Sauce dishes.

Another scene made me laugh. When a Quebec family sponsoring Vietnamese family members settles them into their new apartment, the father tells them: “The first three months' rent has already been paid.” Yes, in the 80s, we didn't have housing shortage problems!

Duty “About fifty elementary school students, a third of whom were new to French class, had the opportunity to see the film,” he told us in December. Rs In cinema with Kim Thuy and Charles-Olivier Michaud.

“Your film allowed these kids from somewhere else to see Quebec on screen and discover Quebec. As we tell them: “You are at home here,” one of the teachers told the two creators.

Successful integration

Radio-Canada recently aired the documentary At a theater near you Hosted by Karine Vanasse, it aims to “replace” the defunct Gala Quebec Cinema.

In this documentary, you can watch for free ici.tou.tvKim Thuy's real family (his father, his mother and his two brothers) are watching Rs For the first time.

After watching the film that tells the story of his life, Kim Thuy's father tearfully testifies: “Thank you for opening your arms to us.”

All the goodwill and openness of Quebecers toward “The Other” is captured in this scene from the documentary, where we see Karin Vanasse and Kim Thuy tear up together as they reflect on their journey.

Karin Vanasse, years ago, gave Kim Thuy (then a restaurant owner) a notebook to write a book. She took notes there, which turned into a book Rs. Years later, Karin Vanas isn't the only one playing Rs (She plays the Quebec mother who sponsored Kim's family), but in addition, she hosts a program at the Quebec cinema… where she presents the film. Let's just say the circle has come full circle!

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