may hit.  Solar power plants in Poland have produced a record amount of energy

photovoltaic cells You broke the record again! Between 12 and 13, solar plants produced 6,618 megawatt-hours, breaking the record from May 18 (6581)” – spokesman Marek Jozeviak announced on Monday. green area Poland.

Register for solar power plants. ‘It’s thanks to consumers’

A spokesperson for Greenpeace Polska celebrates breaking the record Results He also did not fail to explain who, in his opinion, contributed the most to success, and who, in his opinion, contributed the most to success. He wrote: “This is mainly due to over a million consumers (my home – ed.). The energy companies overseen by Jacek Sasin have grown during the PV boom in recent years.”

Over the past three years, the Poles have begun to install solar panels on a large scale. The capacity of PV power plants in Poland increased from 612 MW in 2019 to 5,626 MW in July 2021. The rapid increase in power coincided with subsidies provided under the My Electricity 4.0 program.

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The development of consumer facilities lifted Poland to the first place in Europe in terms of employment in the solar energy sector last year. The European Union’s Solar Jobs 2021 Report, published by SolarPower Europe in November 2021, shows that at the end of 2020, the industry had created jobs for more than 91,000 people. People.

However, standard results also have their drawbacks. Due to a sharp increase in energy production by individual photovoltaic cells, problems arose with the distribution networks – they are overloaded and the systems stop operating. and this is You know? need to be updated. According to the head of the Energy Regulatory Office, the costs of the operation will reach PLN 100 billion by 2030.

Electricity networks overloaded RES. Fix the problem? 100 billion PLN

Photovoltaics – Environmental Energy

Solar Panels It can be installed almost anywhere. The government supports such facilities under the program “my current”. The massive introduction of solar panels is one way this is done temperature The Earth will not rise horribly by 3 degrees Celsius and we may hold a 1.5 degree target. It is an environmental alternative to other energy sources such as coal.

David Kzobek, managing director of Polaris FIZ, suggested in an interview with that the government’s carbon allowance could be replaced by another program that facilitates the installation of solar panels. Replace a custom action with a future action. – Help focused on modernizing our homes towards renewable sources will be more interesting energy Such as solar panels or heat pumps. I think we have a lot to do with the update home energyWidely understood. Help should be greater, but directed in this direction – she says.

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