Un Si Grand Soleil Advance: February 1, 2023 Wednesday episode synopsis [SPOILERS] – News serial on television

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…clouds gather over Johanna’s head as Alix decides to foil her cub’s plans. At the same time, Victor wonders about the meaning of his life.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for tomorrow evening’s episode of Un Si Grand Soleil on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Wednesday, February 1st at Un Si Grand Soleil…

Gerald and Milo are soon in turmoil due to legionellosis?

Robin was placed in intensive care after going into cardiorespiratory arrest. Chloe is very worried about her son, but Alain reassures her: Robin is in good hands and there will be no consequences. Now he needs some rest. As Dr. Alband leaves, Chloe breaks down in tears, saying she can’t bear to watch her son die. Evan tries to reassure his wife and asks her not to crack because Robin needs them.

Later, Alain and Janet discuss Robin’s case. Dr. Alfond explains to Dr. Louis that they almost lost the young man in the night and finding the right antibiotic treatment for him is becoming urgent. Janet, for her part, tells Alain that she got insurance over the phone and is going to hire an expert to inspect the air conditioning. Alan doesn’t understand how the now updated air conditioning is to blame. But for Janet, it’s a more likely hypothesis. Listening to their conversation, Yasmin looks very worried.

She calls Gerald and tells him about Robin’s health problem, which is related to the air conditioning. For Gerald, that was impossible, and for him, the air conditioning systems were impeccable. All fixed and cleaned. Knowing that he fears the site is too big for her, Yasmin asks her companion if he might have missed something, but Gerald insists that he has done nothing wrong. He asks Yasmin to believe.

At court, Chloé, Cécile’s clerk, breaks down during the trial and rushes out of the judge’s office. Cecil finds her in tears in the hallway and tries to understand what is happening to her clerk. Chloe tells him that her son had a heart attack during the night and his condition is critical. Cécile, touched and understanding, encourages her to join Robin at the hospital.

At Graçay-Lemeur’s office, Milo asks to see Johanna soon. He also seems very worried. After their interview, Johanna tells Claudine that her client came to see her for advice. A young man is hospitalized with legionellosis and is now between life and death. And 3 years ago it was Milo that renovated the hospital and installed air conditioning.

According to Johanna, there is no negligence, but Milo likes to take the lead if there is a problem. He fears for his reputation. In fact, tenders were solicited on a large scale for several months. And if the case spreads, he may not win it. As soon as Johanna leaves, Claudine’s smile says it all. She is already planning her revenge.

Victor worries about his couple’s future

After spending the night with him, Helene goes for a walk with Christian and seems very happy. She gets a message from Victor, who gives her an appointment this evening and confesses to Christine that he is in an affair. Before adding that her relationship with Victor is complicated. The art dealer replied that she didn’t have to justify herself. He didn’t want to put pressure on her.

Meanwhile, at Savage, Victor is nervous. He tells Davia that his affair with Helen is coming to an end. He finds his companion more and more distant. Davia asks him if he thinks she’s met someone, and the thought doesn’t even cross Claire’s father’s mind.

Davia tries to reassure her boss by pointing out that it might be a phase. But Victor has a feeling that the end of his affair with Helene is inevitable. According to him, they never got over the tension with Claire. They always had this weight on their shoulders.

Helen and Alix have an idea to keep Ulysses

Encouraged by Elise, Bilal greatly appreciates his meeting with Ulysses, inviting the young painter to offer him a drink. Odysseus reluctantly accepts. As soon as he hangs up, Alix arrives and is surprised to see Ulysses packing his things. The latter tells him that he has decided to stop everything. He thinks his ex Yvonne Saligny is perfect and he’s a loser. Alix tries to reason with him, explaining that she has more plans for him. But Ulysses doesn’t want to play fake anymore, and this situation has become very painful for him.

Panicked, Alix finds Helen and tells her that Ulysses is stopping everything. Helene tries to put things into perspective and assures her partner that they can find other counterfeits. But Alix finds it difficult to find someone as talented as Ulysses.

Since the gallery is starting to do well, Helene thinks to herself that it is time for them to stop selling fakes. But Alix was not of this opinion. According to her, they still haven’t come close enough. And without Ulysses, they’re more likely to go out of business. Alix is ​​furious, she can’t bear to lose Ulysses. It was then that Helen had an idea to persuade the young artist to continue their collaboration.

Phil and Ulysses wander around and get to know each other better. Ulises explains to Bilal that she devoted her life to painting, that it didn’t work, and that she doesn’t know what else to do now. Bilal tries to figure out why he doubts his ability. The young painter says his ex, an art critic, put it in his head by killing his exhibition. Seeming to take revenge on Saligny, Bilal asks him to look at the works of Ulysses and form an opinion.

At the same time, Ulysses receives a call from Helen. She offers him a chance to get revenge by bringing his ex Yvonne Saligny into painting history.

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