He was the first Pole to do so!  Tears and… great drama in the background of the Pulsat show

“Ninja Warrior Polska” is a show based on a Japanese formula where competitors face a very difficult obstacle course. In the final, the most important and biggest challenge awaits them, which is Mount Midoriyama. Throughout nine editions of the exhibition, no one in Poland was able to stand at the top and win the most important title. This time, two players faced the mountain: Viktor Wojcik and Jan Tatarović. They had 25 seconds to cross the 21-meter rope.

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Conquest of Mount Midoriyama for the first time in the history of “Ninja Warrior Polska”

Viktor Wojcik started first, Unfortunately, he was only a few seconds away from conquering Mount Midoriyama.

Jan Tatarović admitted that he has been practicing rope climbing for a very long time. He managed to climb to the top, but almost at the end of time. The referees had to check the recordings to ensure that Jan Tatarović had definitely pressed the button at the top within the specified time limit. In the end, after video verification, it turned out that the participant was able to win and win the Ninja Warrior Polska title. He became the first participant in the history of the Polish edition and the eleventh in the world.

In thanks for the award, he gave a moving speech with tears in his eyes:

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