Ukrainians: Putin's email was intercepted.  Duma Speaker proposes “exporting chaos” and “removing Westernization”

Russia is experiencing “social entropy, which is actually chaos.” For this reason, this chaos has to be “exported” abroad – as the speaker of the Russian Duma allegedly wrote in an email to Vladimir Putin, which was intercepted by hackers. The letter, dated November 30 last year, proposes the idea of ​​intensifying confrontation with the West after Putin's victory in the March elections.

Hackers intercepted a message from State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, the website of the Ukrainian special operations forces, the National Opposition Center, reported Monday.

Hackers broke into the mailbox of an employee of the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, who is the assistant director of this institution. Receives emails related to the activities of the entire institute.

Send an email to Putin. The goal: to transform society

The correspondence included a letter from Volodin, speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament, to Putin on November 30, we read. Volodin suggests that after the presidential elections scheduled to be held in Russia from March 15 to 17, the concept of “de-westernization” of the country should be implemented.

He refers to research conducted by the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, according to which Russia needs to transform and strengthen in the face of the challenges it faces, which are similar to the challenges of the “Great Patriotic War.”

This could be achieved by “de-Westernizing” the country, including, among other things: strengthening censorship or “solving the problem of opposition movements.” “Similar steps will allow us to transform society and move towards accelerated mobilization in the post-election period,” Volodin wrote.

Chaos in Russia's export

According to the Institute, there is a noticeable increase in tension in Russian society in connection, among other things, with: with the fact that more and more men of working age are suffering from war trauma, as well as with the level of prices and wages in the event of increased spending on the “military operation.” Special,” as Russian propaganda calls the war in Ukraine.

“This is so-called social entropy, which is in fact chaos. (…) The obvious solution would be to continue the policy of exporting chaos abroad – that is, relieving internal tension through external expansion,” the institute wrote. .

Main image source: Bab / EPA / Sergey Ilnitsky

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