Ukrainian intelligence issued a statement regarding the incident that occurred with the Il-76 plane.  Russia's deliberate action

Ukrainian intelligence said in a statement that “the action planned by the Russian Federation may have taken place.” It's about the disaster reported by the Russians. A Russian Il-76 plane crashed on Wednesday in the Belgorod region. There were supposed to be Ukrainian prisoners of war.

On Wednesday morning An IL-76 military transport plane crashed near Belgorod. According to the Russians, there were 65 Ukrainian prisoners on board, and they were to be replaced by Russian military personnel. But Ukrainian sources reported that the plane was transporting S-300 bombers and warned against hostile disinformation.

Ukraine after the Il-76 crash: It could have been a provocation by Russia

In the late afternoon, the Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR) issued a statement on the case clarifying some of the issues. I found that Russia's actions could have been a provocationIn fact, the country attacking Ukraine – despite its assurances – did not want to transfer people between these two countries.

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HUR concluded that there may have been “a planned and deliberate action by the Russian Federation with the aim… Destabilize the situation and weaken international support for Ukraine.

Ukraine – as HUR wrote – has adhered to all arrangements regarding the appropriate preparation of the exchange. The Russian soldiers remained Delivered on time to the indicated exchange location.

It was also the responsibility of the Russians to ensure this safety for Ukrainian prisoners, but there is ample evidence that this did not happen. He added: “The Ukrainian side was not informed of the need to ensure the security of the airspace in the Belgorod city area on time.” This has happened several times in the past.” – Transfer.

IL-76 aircraft are used to transport people and cargo, including military equipment. Usually a machine It has a crew of five and can carry up to 90 people.

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