war.  German Chancellor Olaf Schulz: We do not consider that Russia will not attack other countries

The Russian invasion of Ukraine Breaking the system after World War II Shultz said in the presence of prime ministers, Europe was forced to strengthen its defense strategy Sweden and Finland, Magdalena Andersen and Sunny Marin, who have joined the German government’s discussions about the security situation in Europe.

Entry Decision Finland and Sweden to NATO will fall in the middle of may Scandinavian media reported on Monday that the two countries would be able to jointly apply for NATO membership.

– Nobody can assume that the Russian President Vladimir Putin Schultz said his government would not violate international law on other occasions.

Marine confirmed it Finland He has reliable defensive capabilities and a strong will to defend himself. “We have maintained a strong, modern, functional army that is ready to cooperate with NATO,” said the head of government.

In an interview with “Stern” magazine, Schulze said that Vladimir Putin’s policy is imperialist and treats neighboring countries as Russia’s backyard. I want to expand my lands Pushing boundaries by force – said the German chancellor. “He is desperately trying to restore Russia’s former importance in a changed world,” he added.

Perhaps Putin intends to seize parts of eastern and southern Ukraine, establish a new line of communication there, which, in his opinion, will eventually lead to a ceasefire, but It won’t always be a solution. Schulz’s assessment.

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