Croatia is dealing with the effects of heavy rains.  The famous island was flooded

According to Canal Re, violent storms and heavy rain affected almost all parts of Croatia on Thursday evening, prompting the local meteorological service DHMZ. To issue yellow and orange warnings for the entire country.

The island of Krk in the Adriatic Sea saw heavy rainfall, with rainfall reaching more than 200 millimeters per square metre. Firefighters had to intervene 28 times, pulling cars out of the water, pumping water out of basements and clearing landslides from local roads.

The island’s largest city, Krk, saw 193 millimeters of rain per square metre. Heavy rains led to localized flooding, landslides and flooding of many roads. The height of the water reached 1.5 meters in some places, forcing residents to rescue their animals. Local crops and much agricultural machinery were destroyed.

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