border with Belarus.  More and more attempts to cross the border through rivers

SG announced on Twitter that 23 people, including. Citizens of Egypt, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire, illegally crossed to the Polish side across the backwaters of the Leśna Prawa River. This section is protected by the Border Guard Service in Białowiea. “Foreigners have Russian visas” – informed the Secretary-General.

This is a case similar to the day before, when – as the border guards reported at the time – a group of 28 men reached Poland through the floodplains of the Leśna Prawa River.

The construction of the steel dam on the border is nearing completion. Initially, it was supposed to be completed by June 30, but as it was announced later, the works will continue until mid-July. Last Friday, Border Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Anna Michalska reported that Work is still underway on the two-kilometre-long sectionThe contractor announces that it will complete it by July 23. By the fall, electronic protection will also be ready, that is, a system of cameras and detectors.

At the end of June, the provisions for Temporary ban on staying in 183 towns near the border with Belarus in Voivodeship Podlasky and Lublinsky; It was introduced in connection with the migration crisis, and then was further explained by the need to ensure order and security in connection with the construction of an engineering dam. They came into effect on March 2 as an extension of the previous, which was in effect from December 1, 2021 to March 1, 2022.

From July 1 to September 15, Podlaskie was prohibited from approaching the Polish-Belarusian border within 200 meters, issued by the voivode.. The commander of the border guard unit, Budlasi, submitted a request for the imposition of this ban; The ban applies to the entire Podlaskie Voivodeship, with the exception of sections of the state border that run on border rivers.

– Since it is getting warmer, we note attempts to get from Belarus to the territory of Poland through rivers or through the flood waters of rivers – Michalska said. The formation wants to protect the river section of the boundary with an electronic barrier in the future.

Last week, as the spokeswoman indicated, in the section protected by the border guard post in Jano Podlaski A group of eleven people went to the Polish side in a place where the bugs were shallow.

However, she added, this is not an entirely new situation. – Attempts to cross the border illegally, as well as attempts to smuggle selective goods have been in this section all along. Hence, this part of the border is closely watched by us. In the future, we would like the river section of the border to be protected by an electronic barrier – explained a spokeswoman for the border guards.

And when she was asked whether such cases will be repeated, border protection will be strengthened in the Lubelskie district, she answered that it will certainly repeat itself. – It is important for foreigners to realize that the Polish border is good, that is, it is effectively protected and Belarusian services are not deceived. – I confirmed.

She also indicated that the officers were not watching Increased migration pressure in the BG division of the Bug River.

– When it comes to Belarus, it is difficult to predict anything, The hybrid war continues, and there will certainly be attempts to destabilize the situation on the borderLieutenant Michalska said only the question of what forms they would take and to what extent.

A spokeswoman for the border guards stressed that the Belarusian system is unpredictable and attracts people from all over the world. – On the Polish-Belarusian border, there are even people from Mauritius, which is called Heaven on Earth – She indicated.

The squad this week held a group of 21 people in the Białowiea division. Citizens of Yemen, Egypt and Syria crossed the shoals on the Svisloch River. – All men, all have Russian visas. It seems They were brought in by the Belarusian regime with the full support of Russia – said the spokeswoman for the border guards.

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