The Law and Justice Party MP spoke about asparagus in Germany.  The guests burst into laughter

“Recently we have seen that many portals with German capital are encouraging young Polish people to work in asparagus. I don’t know if you know,” Arkadiusz Mularczyk said on the program “Depata Dunya” on Polsat News channel. “I don’t know. What, for example?” – answered the host Agnieszka Gozdyra. The Law and Justice Party politician replied: “I will not announce them. They are gates with German capital.”

Continued article below the video

Mularczyk was talking about asparagus. A sudden burst of laughter

However, the discussion did not end there. Gozdera decided to ask Mularczyk, who had said in the past that Germans would come to Poland to eat asparagus, referring to the words of PiS politicians. “It’s enough that the line has changed and the trend toward asparagus is the opposite,” Molarczyk said, causing the host and two other guests to burst into laughter.

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