Dugin's daughter died.  Putin's ideologist considers Poland a fictional country

  • The car exploded on Saturday evening near the Russian capital
  • Alexander Dugin found his way into the mainstream in Russia when Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Peskov began quoting from him. Dugin promotes Eurasianism, according to which Russia is a separate civilization to which all former Soviet republics and countries of the former socialist bloc must join.
  • According to him, Poland is a fictitious state funded by the USA, and the Ukrainians “must be killed” because they do not want their country to join Russia.
  • Dugin supported the annexation of Crimea and separatist movements. He was denied entry to the European Union, but his popularity grew among Russians

The accident occurred on Saturday evening near Moscow. The car exploded, and Daria Dugina died on the spot.

A photo surfaced on social media showing Dougin at the scene of the accident.

On the night of August 20-21, unknown persons blew up a car driven by Daria Dugina, born in 1992, musician and political observer of the International Eurasian Movement. The woman who was driving the car was instantly killed.

– This war did not start six days ago, it was started by the regime of Ukraine against the Donbass. Russia did not start hostilities, but stopped them – said Daria Dugina at the beginning of March of this year.

The murdered Daria Dugina visited the Azustal factory in Mariupol not so long ago. I went there to take a souvenir selfie.

Who is Alexander Dugin?

For some, a geopolitical and philosopher, for others – a “Kremlin watcher”. Alexander Dugin has been talking for years about the destruction of Ukraine, which he presented in his ideological concept as anti-Russian..

With his shaggy hair and long beard, Alexander Dugin is compared with Rasputin – a mystic who enjoyed influence at the court of the last tsar, Nicholas II. Some note its resemblance to the stereotypical post-Soviet movie villain when he explains in a strong English accent why he thinks the West is the enemy. Derived from conservatism, Satanism, Bolshevism, and Eurasianism, Dugin’s philosophy may seem abstract, but, as Marcin Łuniewski wrote in Rzeczpospolita, it became one of the main ideas about what contemporary Russia might look like.

Dugin thought about the coffers of the Russian authorities

Dugin’s thought reached the Kremlin, and the philosopher himself became the main ideologist of Russian new imperialism. Dugin praises totalitarianism and criticizes the West and liberalism. believed that Russia is a separate civilization with a mission – believed that Moscow should control all the republics of the former Soviet Union and the countries of the former socialist bloc; In the east, the border should end either in Mongolia or on the coast of the Indian Ocean. This is what Eurasianism is based on – on the separation from Western civilization and the belief that the October Bolshevik Revolution was necessary to stop the rapid modernization of Russian society.

“We must reject civilized and racist Western racism. We are the peoples of Asia and Eurasia. […] Why do we need to be European? They rolled over and offered us to follow them. Our backwardness prevents us from becoming a type of human being without the humans living in modern civilization. Civilization is death, “- said Dugin during one of his lectures. Gay parades should stop in Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris and London, somewhere near Brest, and here should already take place ordinary marches for ordinary citizens of Eurasia ”- he added. He called Poland a “encirclement” between Russia and Germany and a fictional state funded by the United States.

Dugin cannot stand the fact that Kyiv does not want to join Eurasia. “Kill, kill, kill the Ukrainians,” he called in a recording released during the fiercest fighting in the Donbass in eastern Ukraine. The philosopher supported the annexation of Crimea and separatist movements. For this he lost his job at the university and was denied entry to the European Union, but his popularity among Russians grew.

Experts note that Vladimir Putin “says” Dugenim. As well as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. They argue that Ukraine is not a separate nation, but an “anti-Russian created by the West.” Using Dugin’s terminology, politicians introduced him to the mainstream—particularly his ideas presented in Fundamentals of Geopolitics from 1997 and Fourth Political Theory from 2009. Dugin argued that combining elements of communism, fascism, and Nazism would help eradicate liberalism. That is why the philosopher was called the “mind of the Kremlin.”

Others – such as Michał Sutowski of Krytyka Polityczna – claim that Dugin is not a philosopher or geopolitician, but simply “the dog of the Kremlin chain”.

Sources: rp.pl, ksiazki.wp.pl, Twitter

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