Ukraine has a problem of its own making

The failure to extend the embargo on Ukrainian grains is actually a failure for Ukraine. Ukraine has a little problem of its own. I strongly believe that reflection will come and that these issues will be resolved by agreement,” EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said in the PAP studio on Friday.

On September 15, the European Commission did not extend the ban on Ukrainian grains to five EU countries bordering Ukraine (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria). Poland, Slovakia and Hungary decided to maintain the ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, and Ukraine filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization. On Thursday, Reuters reported on arrangements between the agriculture ministers of Slovakia and Ukraine that would enable Bratislava to lift the ban; Authorities in Kiev agreed to suspend a WTO complaint against Slovakia.

Janusz Wojciechowski assessed on Friday in the PAP studio that Ukraine, opposing the so-called grain embargo and the confrontational countries themselves are the ones who lose the most.

This recent failure to extend the ban on Ukrainian grain exports is in fact a failure for Ukraine. Ukrainian grain does not flow into Poland at the moment due to the unilateral embargo. Ukraine has a problem of its own making

– He evaluated.

I firmly believe that reflection will come and these problems will be resolved by agreement

– He said.

The politician noted that the ban on the import of four types of grains to five EU countries, including Poland, while maintaining transit, led to an increase in Ukraine’s exports.

Immediately before the ban was imposed, the quantity was 2 million and 900 thousand tons. After implementing this ban, but allowing transit, for example in August it was 4 million tons

– pointed out.

I was very surprised by Ukraine’s strong opposition to extending this embargo. I think this is a mistake made by Ukrainian politicians, because they spoiled something that worked well and led to good results.

– He evaluated.

The Commissioner was also asked about the voices of opposition leaders in Poland, including: Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz or Donald Tusk, blaming Wojciechowski for the failure of negotiations on the grain crisis and the failure to extend the embargo. The PAP Studio guest emphasized that all initiatives related to a ban on the export of Ukrainian grains came not only from him, but also from the Polish government.

As of May 2, an import ban has been imposed (Ukrainian grain-PAP). This ban has not proven itself. This was the result of the initiative of the Polish Government and the other four countries (Frontline Countries – PAP) and the efforts of the Polish Commissioner. On June 5, this ban was extended. This extension did not happen on its own either

– He said.

He also noted that thanks to his actions, Polish farmers can count on other tranches of financial support from the European Union.

Today, the 12th approval has been granted to support farmers and companies that bought wet corn and had to dry it. So this is the twelfth batch of aid. None of this help came alone. These were always the efforts of the Polish Government supported by the efforts of the Polish Commissioner

– He said.

I cannot feel any sense of failure here in this regard

– confirmed.


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