Free ride - passenger debt exceeds 153 million PLN.  Big Data Infomonitor

The BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register reported that the debts of people for free rides, that is, for travel by means of transport without a valid ticket, exceeded 153.5 million PLN. The highest arrears belong to a 26-year-old woman from the Greater Poland Province, who has more than 142,000 PLN to be repaid.

In the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register, the largest number of unregulated passengers for travel on public transport without a ticket comes from the province. Masovian. At the end of August, their number exceeded 26,000. People, and the debt amounted to 45.9 million Polish zlotys. The voivodship area took second place. Silesia, with 14.3 thousand free riders and the amount of arrears 19.2 million Polish zlotys, the third – Ludzki, of which 14 thousand zlotys. Stowaways – their arrears total 12.8 million PLN.

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stowaway debt

As explained by BIG InfoMonitor expert, Łukasz Rączkowski, the statistics on the number of people who do not pay for a ticket and then receive fines for such a trip, stem from the population in a particular area, the popularity of public transport as well as the determination of carrier owners to enter deceptive passengers. If the number of free riders is to compare to the population of a county, counties are by far the most. Łódzkie and Mazowieckie, then Pomorsky and Warmińsko-Mazurskie – says Łukasz Rączkowski.

In terms of average arrears, the province stands out. Podlasie. There, the scale of the problem, in terms of the number of free riders reported, doesn’t seem to matter. But people who ride without a ticket often do so. As a result, there is an average of 1,875 PLN per person for unpaid fines.

The number of free creditors and debtors

A total of 106.3 thousand dollars. Persons were credited with debtors’ register for non-payment of the penalty for travel without a ticket, whether by public or national transportation. Together, they have to pay 153.5 million PLN to carriers or debt collection companies.

The highest arrears belong to a 26-year-old resident of the county. Greater Poland, which has more than 142 thousand dollars to repay. zloty. Second place is a 68-year-old man from the province. Zachodniopomorskie with debts exceeding 117 thousand. PLN, and the third – a 62-year-old man from the district. Mazowieckie, which has more than 107 thousand. PLN penalty fee. The top ten most indebted stowaways are women that open and close, but men are definitely the most stowaways.

Rączkowski noted that a consumer may be reported in the debtors’ registry with arrears of more than PLN 200. Earlier, BIG InfoMonitor, on behalf of the creditor, could send a request for payment with a warning about the planned entry of the debtor into the register, if the debtor failed to pay the debt.

What can debtors do?

– Debtors who are registered in the registry may have problems obtaining loans or credit, but also with the purchase of a mobile phone or Internet services, all because many companies check the credibility of potential customers – explained Rączkowski. He added that in the past year alone, financial institutions and companies downloaded more than 16 million reports verifying the authenticity of payment to consumers.

The expert explained that if there is debt on the check, the bank, loan or telecom company may assume that if it is not able to service its current obligations, it will not be able to take on the next obligations. – The only chance to restore credibility in such a situation is the full repayment of the debt. Then the debtor disappears from the register and has a blank card – conclude.

Other companies

There is no central registry of debtors in Poland.

The Bureau of Economic Information InfoMonitor (BIG InfoMonitor) collects economic information about debt owed by individuals and companies. Data is also collected and shared about the financial health of consumers and businesses through, among other things, the National Debt Registry, Bureau of Economic Information.

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