Putin lied about the war in Ukraine?  The Wall Street Journal reveals

According to a former Russian intelligence officer and current and former Russian officials, Putin gets up around 7 a.m. every day to greet Written report on the warThe Wall Street Journal writes that the carefully calibrated information highlights successes and minimizes failures on the Ukrainian front.

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The Wall Street Journal: Putin on the war in Ukraine hears what he wants to hear

The American daily describes the operation of the propaganda machine at the highest echelons of Russian power. As we read, Putin has long refused to use the Internet for fear of surveillance. This, in turn, should make him more dependent on documents developed by ideologically oriented advisors.

Wartime updates sometimes reach Putin’s desk after several days, often making them out of date. Front Line Leaders Report Federal Security Service (FSB), successor to the KGB, who edits reports for Security Council experts. And they, in turn, pass it on to the Secretary of the Council, Nikolai Patrushev. It was he who helped persuade Putin to invade Ukraine. It is he who reports to Putin.

According to people familiar with the matter, several Russian officials, pro-government journalists and analysts have tried in recent months to personally inform the Russian president of the progress of the invasion. When a longtime pollster called Putin’s office The poll showed less support than expected After he started the invasion, he got the answer Putin needs no other reason to be nervous right now” – We read.

A mechanism built over the years

One of the comments in the article is that of Boris Bondarev – a longtime adviser at the Permanent Mission of Russia to the United Nations. As the diplomat argues, A system of self-deception has been in the making in the Kremlin for decades. According to him, diplomats on UN missions have learned to feed Putin the stories he wants to hear.

“The junior officials and top executives knew that, in order to win praise and promotions, they should exaggerate the good news and underestimate the bad for fear of angering ‘Baba’ as Putin is nicknamed,” Bondarev said.

Putin is like Peter the Great

The Wall Street Journal also wrote that US officials are finding it increasingly difficult to find a Kremlin representative with influence over Putin who does not get bogged down in his narrative. “The president is increasingly talking about Russia in almost religious termsAs a 1,000-year-old civilization engaged in a holy struggle that will right historical wrongs and raise it to the pantheon of conquerors for Tsarist leaders, such as Tsar Peter the Great,” reports the daily, citing voices from the Pentagon, US embassies and the CIA.

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