Ukraine: Font changes.  Estonian intelligence refers to Russia

Ants Kivisilj, Head of the Intelligence Center of the Estonian Defense Forces During a press conference on Friday, he assessed this The situation on the battlefield has changed little over the past week. – general The intensity of fighting decreased compared to previous weeks, with one exception. He added that in the Avdiivka area, the number of bombing operations from the Russian Federation is increasing.

Estonian Military Intelligence: Ukraine has a greater will to win battles to defend its country

According to Kivisilj, Its intensity decreased mainly due to weather change Positive temperatures prevail during heavy rains, making it more difficult to operate heavy equipment. As he noted, at the same time, Russia is actively fighting in the Avdiivka area, and may be preparing for another attack. Kivisilj appreciated the work of Russian forces in this place Their goal may be to “break the fighting spirit” of the Ukrainian army.

The intelligence chief confirmed that the Ukrainian army was able to hold on to the areas it recaptured that were previously occupied by Russia, including on the left bank of the Dnieper River.

– It's safe to say that Offensive activity on the Russian side decreases significantly as weather conditions deteriorate. If movement were slowed, armored vehicles were deployed, and trenches were filled with water, the desire to fight would be more evident. There is no doubt that Ukraine has a greater will to win battles to defend its country – Observe the ants, Kivisilj.

War in Ukraine. Fight for Avdiivka

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced this in a statement on Friday evening In the direction of Avdeev, Ukrainian forces repelled 19 attacks Close to the cities of Novobachmutivka, Stepowe, Avdiivka and Nine attacks Nearby are the cities of Opytne, Wodjanoj, Pervomaysk, Newelske. He also added, in this direction The Russians bombed 10 towns, including Avdiivka.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

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