Amazing ritual.  This is not a joke, this is happening at Buckingham Palace - o2

John Chapel is a British court beekeeper. The 79-year-old said in an interview with the Daily Mail that he visited the bees at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House on Friday to bring the sad news of Elizabeth II’s death to the insects. Black mourning ribbons were tied to the hives.

The beekeeper told the insects that King Charles III was now their master. Chapel asked the bees to be gentle with their new owner, who was once famous for addressing plants.

This ritual is based on the belief that ignorance of changing the owner of the bees stops the production of honey. At worst, such a situation can lead to the departure of the hive, and even the death of the insects themselves.

I decorated the hives with black ribbons. Then she knocked on each one in turn, saying: “Your lady is dead, but do not leave this place. Your new master will be good for you” – the beekeeper described the ceremony.

There are two hives in the royal residence of Clarence House. In the case of Buckingham Palace, there are five of them. There are approximately 20,000 people living in each of them. bees; In the summer, their number may exceed a million.

Received an invitation to Buckingham Palace. Out of nowhere, he became a royal beekeeper

John Chapel has been a royal beekeeper for 15 years. The man describes that when he first came to Buckingham Palace, he didn’t realize he was in an interview.

I got an email from the chief gardener to talk about bees. I thought they had a bee problem, but it turns out they just want bees. I’ve been taking care of them ever since – the man, quoted by the Daily Mail, admits.

The 79-year-old confirms that he is currently retired. He adds that beekeeping is a hobby. Currently, he takes care of the cells of many important people.

The most important of them, of course, was the Queen. I hope to also get a job as a beekeeper for the new king – he points out.

It turns out that the man became interested in insects because of his wife and her love for honey. – I bought her the book “Keep the bees in your garden.” She read it and said I should take care of it, concludes John Chapel.

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