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Governor Zabaykalsky Krai (one of the poorest regions Russia) Alexander Osipov issued a decree determining the amount of this money It can be given to soldiers who take command or destroy tanks The Russian independent daily Leopard and Abrams reported:Kommersant”, citing local media. The content of the decree makes it clear that a one-time payment applies only to residents of the Trans-Baikal region.

Not just leopards. Poland will donate 60 more tanks to Ukraine

Zabykalsky Krai. Abrams reward less than the Panthers

A soldier will receive 3 million for taking over a working Leopard tank ruble (185.5 thousand Polish zlotys). If a group of soldiers, up to ten people, captures a tank, then each of them will receive 500,000 rubles (less than 31,000 PLN). A reward of 1 million rubles (less than 62,000 PLN) awaits a soldier for destroying the Panther, and if several soldiers do this, they will each receive 150,000 PLN. Ruble (9.2 thousand Polish zlotys).

When it comes to the capture and destruction of an Abrams tank by one soldier, the reward is 1.5 million rubles (92,500 PLN) and 500,000 PLN, respectively. ruble. In return, a group of soldiers (up to five people) will receive 300 and 100 thousand zlotys each. ruble.

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watching video
Show Russian clumsy. While driving a tank, they hit their men from another vehicle

Ukraine will receive up to 140 tanks as part of its first heavy weapons deliveries

President MFA Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said his country will receive up to 140 tanks as part of the first batch of heavy weapons shipments from a coalition of 12 Western countries. In an online statement, the minister confirmed that the first transfer of tanks will include, among others: German Cheetahs 2and British Challengers 2 and American Abrams M1. He added that he also relied on the supply of French Leclerc tanks. He did not say when the tanks would arrive in Ukraine. He stressed that talks are taking place behind the scenes to expand the coalition of countries that can supply tanks.

CNN accidentCNN fails miserably. Will Poland not deliver tanks to Ukraine?

The Ukrainian army is planning to launch a major counteroffensive aimed at recapturing large parts of Russian-occupied territory in the south and east. At the same time, Ukrainian strategists expect this Russia Prepares his own attack. They don’t say when that will happen.

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