Ukraine fights corruption.  An important step

“Ukraine has been at war for more than a year and a half, but this does not stand in the way of the triumph of honesty and thus zero tolerance of corruption,” the notice read.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian government institutions, including the NAZK, have had to restrict access to a number of records, including the Integrated State Register of persons who have committed corruption or corruption-related offences. However, as stated on the NAZK website, there is significant public interest in opening up access to registration data. Lack of access to the information contained in it greatly complicates the activities of state administration bodies and other organizations, especially when appointing candidates for individual positions, conducting public procurement, etc.

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“powerful tool”

“Access to data is a powerful tool for achieving integrity and thus combating corruption,” Novikov said.

The registry in question is a website containing information on natural and legal persons who have committed corruption offences. NAZK has been doing this since February 2019. In the registry, you can get a certificate of inclusion (or not) in the list of persons and legal entities who have been given criminal penalties for a corruption offense.

Founded in 2015, NAZK is a centralized body of the Ukrainian executive with a special status, whose mission is to develop and implement state anti-corruption policy.

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