Israel.  The Mossad chief promises revenge and reminds of Munich

The former president's funeral was held on Wednesday not bad Zvi Zamir. During the ceremony, the current leader of the intelligence community delivered a speech.

He declared that ““Everyone who participated in the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023 will lose their lives for it.” – It will take some time, like After the Munich massacreBarnea announced that we will lay our hands on them wherever they are.

Israel and Palestine. The Mossad chief announced

David Parnia He compared his announcement to the Mossad's actions after that Munich massacre of 1972. Then, during the Olympics, Palestinian terrorists stormed the Olympic Village So they took her Israeli athletesAs hostages.

The attackers demanded, among other things, the release of 234 Palestinians and non-Arab prisoners held in Israel and their transfer to Egypt. During one of the hostage rescue attempts, the terrorists realized this The services prepared a trapThat's why they killed athletes. 11 Israelis died then. There would have been more victims if the prisoners had not warned their colleagues with their screams.

After this crime, the Mossad announced revenge. Some sources say that agents tracked down and killed the “Black September” participants responsible for the massacre For more than 20 years. During the retaliation, several bystanders who were accidentally in the line of fire when the operation was carried out also died.

Mossad announces retaliation for the Hamas attack

According to Israeli media A special operations center was established to track down and kill members of the Hamas commando unit. As reported by the Ynet news site, the unit will be named after the Jewish secret organization Indigo from World War I, which can be translated as “Eternal Israel does not lie.”

– Today, as was the case 50 years ago, the Mossad has to do this Accountability The killers who invaded the Gaza border area on October 7. Whoever planned and executed the orders – said David Parnia during his speech at the funeral.

Until now, according to the Ministry of Health At least 22,313 Palestinians died in the Gaza Strip.

sources: Agence France-Presse, The Times of Israel

Błaszczak on the Migration Charter: The attack on the media aims to limit access to information/Polsat News/Polsat News

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