Ukraine.  Famous volunteer Julia Bagowska freed her and saved more than 600 people over the years

In the recording released on Saturday, Ukrainian volunteer paramedic Julia Bagiuska “Tyra” thanked the President of Ukraine for the assistance. The day before, Volodymyr Zelensky had reported her release from Russian captivity.

The volunteer was captured in mid-March in Mariupol. “Taira” on the first posted recording after his release thanks Zelensky for organizing the exchange. “And everyone on the other side now knows that everything will work out and we will all be home.” I’m at home now. Thank you – she added. The recording with her participation was published by journalist Andrei Kaplenko. The sources, who reported him in the video, confirmed that the woman is in a safe place and is in good health.

Julia Bagiuska deported civilians from Mariupol, but since mid-March her relatives have had no contact with her. known everywhere Ukraine A volunteer named “Tyra” tried to evacuate two children from Mariupol, whose parents died in the bombing.

“The hospital is under fire. Two soldiers are wounded, one civilian is killed” – this was the last message of Julia to Oksana Korchinska, the coordinator of humanitarian aid.

She lost contact on March 15 at 11:48. – I have no information about where he is or what his condition is. They do not let her contact us, they do not tell us where she is and how she feels, said Vadim Pozhanov, the husband of Julia Bagiuska.

Proof that he is alive was the propaganda film of the Russian television NTW. In the article, Julia Bagioska was accused of Nazism.

Julia Bagiuska is an aikido champion and instructor. She became a volunteer doctor during the field. Then she rescued the war wounded in DonbassBy forming a group of volunteers “Angels Tairy”. – Until the outbreak of war on February 24, she saved more than 600 lives – confirmed Oksana Korczyńska.

Bagewska served as a doctor in the Ukrainian army for two years. I left the army in 2020.

Main image source: the facts

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